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Siriana Cac​​ao

Small Batch Bean to bar Chocolates


Food of The Gods

 Cacao, a sacred food cultivated by the Olmec, Mayans and Aztec and popularized worldwide by the Europeans. Costa Rican Ca​cao​ is considered to​ be the finest Cacao world wide. 

Cacao is packed full of anti oxidants, copper, magnesium and iron and contains a multitude of health benefits. It is an immune booster, fights virus and wards off disease. It is a well known documented super food and can strengthen the he​art and help to balance hormones. Our Chocolate is made with Cacao from the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. The Cacao is   heirloom Forestero variety Matina.  The Cacao is 100% sustainably cultivated with the sun, rainforest and Cacao compost. 

Siriana Cacao is dedicated to using the best ingredients possible. We focus on sustainable regenerative practices that benefit all.

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Solid Cacao can be used for making hot cacao beverage as was done originally by the indigenous, as well as many other recipes. Cacao nibs (broken cacao beans) are often used today in salads, and smoothies as well as in other dishes, or just simply enjoyed as a healthy delicious snack. 

only two main ingredients in our "finished chocolate recipe"

 Costa Rican Cacao and  Organic Coc​onut Sugar

Our family’s interest in traveling to Costa Rica began when our parents retired and moved to Puerto Viejo near the Talamanca mountains by the Caribbean Sea. Mother Nancy, a professional artist and father Barry a degreed engineer, soon began a not-for-profit soup kitchen called “El Puente” (The Bridge) to help indigenous the Bri-Bri who were in need of support.

During one vacation to Puerto Viejo, we discovered ”cacao trees” in the nearby orchard. Our neighbor, nine year old, Siriana enthusiastically showed us how to make chocolate from the beans of a cacao pod we had dried in the sun, and simple ingredients of maple syrup and powdered milk from the kitchen!

We became interested in learning more about chocolate and the history of cocoa in the Talamanca region. We were fascinated by stories told to us about cocoa, by tribal members, locals, and people who had planted and harvested cacao for generations in this area.

The more we learned and the more we visited the beautiful Puerto Viejo Talamanca by the sea, the more we dreamed of helping the community, creating opportunities for local farmers and people needing work. We also began to discover the beauty and nutritional benefits of cocoa and why cacao from the Talamanca Region of Costa Rica is uniquely special!

integrity sustainability compassion